Panasonic GH4 Resources Page


About 10 seconds of ungraded 100Mbps 4K footage can be downloaded from my drive!

GH4 Resources Page
At the moment it's all one page. As stuff gets added I will structure this into a microsite.
This page is here to help you feed and care for the GH4 you just bought.

Setup Guides - The GH4 is a complex camera ...
Wireless Image transfer Instructions
Tom Antos music clip,  GH4vs. 5D3 and Cinema D setup guide
Here is an image I grabbed off the Dvxuser forum, because it looks good. It's based on Cinemalike V,  I don't know whether lowering contrast and sharpness is a good idea if you are not shooting people.

Here is just the image, tagged with srgb to avoid profile issues.

My own setup tips
  • Get histogram and level on screen, focus peaking, zebras, sound indicator.
  • Shoot with manual focus and exposure @ISO 200, 1/50s if possible.
  • UHD 25p MP4 and 100Mbps
  • Cinestyle V NR-3.
  • Set smallish focus area. Focus by touching the display at point of interest. 
  • I use a Sennheiser G3 wireless mic, with Rycote dead kitten over the bundle omni lav. The Sennheiser acts as an adjustable preamp, lifting the signal past onboard S/N issues, and the dead kitten gets rid of wind noise, and cleans the sound.
Random Tips.
For motivation, look at the latest GH4 videos selected by Bill Bruner and the GH4 thread on Personal View.
  • Clean EVF very carefully, lenses are plastic and damage easily.
  • Use an ND or variable ND filter to avoid fast shutter speeds.
  • The UHS card speed rating is the tiny number inside the "U". Get quality 3 cards to avoid issues.
  • Any old Mac version of iMovie, GarageBand etc. can be upgraded to the latest for free via the Appstore - just open it once.
  • To grade with photographer's tools, you can load your video into PS CC, maybe CS6 , convert to a Smart Object, use ACR as a filter, then render back out. Google "grade video in photoshop".
  • Batch transcode 4K rushes to ProRes for editing in Resolve. 

Accessory purchase
Herbert Geissler GmbH
Eyecup part number for the GH3 style eyecup is VYK6B43, the GH4 is VYK6T25 

Firmware 2.0 Firmware 2.1 is delayed.

GH4 Manuals

Owner's Manual for advanced features - Panasonic FTP

Basic Owner's Manual - Panasonic FTP

Editing/Publishing HowTos
Fast white balance correction in Première. Reading an RGB parade.
Embedding Vimeo in Blogger. Ibid.
FCPX in 30 minutes. FCP.CO site.FCPEFFECTS.COM
DaVinci Resolve for Photoshoppers
Panning and zooming over 4K footage in FCPX
B&H Mirroless 4K overview
Extract and export a still frame with FCPX
Clone out unwanted objects in After Effects

4K/video news sites

4K/GH4 Forums

Tethering Software

Movie Editing and Grading Software
Davinci Resolve (Free)
GoPro Studio 4K Editor (Free)
Final Cut Pro X (Free Trial)
PixelConduit (Free Node-based effects creator for FCPX, Motion and standalone)
Speedgrade CC (Adobe)

RW2 compatible Raw Converters
Phocus (Free) - Hasselblad quality for free!
Capture One (Demo)
Irident Raw Developer (Demo) - Superb boutique 3d party converter.
Fast Raw Viewer - sort through a bunch of raws, view raw histograms.
RawDigger - geek tool for histograms, channels, etc. Can also do nice conversions.
Dcraw (free, open source)

GH4 Tests and Videos I liked :)
Forgot Sugar - Cinemalike V, FilmConvert and SpeedGrade Film convert settings are FJ 8553 ET 35mm Full Frame. 0% grain.

Add-on Hardware
GH4 external battery
Odyssey 7Q+ 4K  monitor and recorder with Oled screen
Shogun 4K  monitor and recorder with IPS screen Overview
Sennheiser G3 wireless sound system
Manfrotto MVM501 Monopod
Blackmagic Capture and Playback devices
Panasonic lenses are compatible with LANC zoom and Focus remotes eg. LIBEC.
Custom Audio Cables, France.


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